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COSA Webinar: Food for Thought: How New Nutrition Standards Are Affecting School Operations

Take a detailed look at the most recent federal activity on child nutrition programs, and how the new standards are affecting every-day operations in school districts, including outside vendor contracts, fundraising, food trucks, and wellness policies.  We’ll start with a review of key federal actions, including The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, the “Smart Snacks” regulations, and new proposed professional standards for child nutrition professionals.  NSBA lobbyist Lucy Gettman will shed some light on how those standards came to be.  Then, COSA member Dionne Tunstall Jenkins will d

Schott v. Wenk (U.S. - Petition Brief)

Liability: §1983 liability of mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse or neglect; even when (a) there is a reasonable basis to suspect abuse and (b) the report is not materially false—impermissibly chill child abuse reporting across the nation; (2) Can a First Amendment retaliation claim be maintained under Section 1983 against a statutorily mandated reporter of known or suspected child abuse when there is evidence in the record that would support a reasonable basis to suspect abuse and the report is not materially false; (3) Is a statutorily mandated reporter of known or suspected chi

COSA Webinar: Special Education Series #3 Where is the Line? Mental Health Services and FAPE

School officials are coming under increased scrutiny for providing services to students experiencing mental health concerns. As a school attorney, you need to know the legal requirements, as well as prevailing educational recommendations when it comes to providing FAPE. In this webinar, experienced special education attorneys will guide you through new standards and court interpretations for addressing mental health issues in the public school setting, and offer tips on working with local health care providers to ensure students' needs are addressed.

COSA Webinar: Special Education Series #2 Including Students with Disabilities in Statewide and Districtwide Testing Programs

Including students with disabilities in statewide and districtwide testing programs and protocols has generated challenges for teachers and students. This presentation will analyze requirements in federal law, with a discussion of IEP development, accommodations, modifications, and UDL (Universal Design for Learning). We will summarize both new requirements and current practice and case law, and provide participants with practice tips and an opportunity to raise questions for discussion. A handout will be provided with citations and practical information.

COSA Webinar: Special Education Series #1 Private Placement and Tuition Reimbursement: Evolving Case Law

In this in-depth webinar, we will examine the large body of case law addressing one of IDEA’s relatively brief provisions:  reimbursement for private school placement.  Because the financial stakes are very high for school districts in many states, this issue is litigated more than others in the special education context.  Learn the relevant case law in each federal circuit, and gain insightful practical advice from a veteran special education practitioner, including defenses to private placement and avoiding predetermination.

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The NSBA Council of School Attorneys (COSA) connects you to over 3,000 school attorneys across the U.S. and Canada. It is an international forum for improving the practice of school law and supporting school attorneys in their representation of public school boards.

NSBA’s Council of School Attorneys: Leadership in Legal Advocacy for Public Schools

Learn how the 3000+ members of NSBA’s Council of School Attorneys stay up to date on crucial legal issues affecting public schools, collaborate with colleagues on tricky issues facing their clients, and plug into the NSBA Legal Advocacy program.

Presenters: Lester B. Johnson, III, Assistant School Board Attorney, Savannah-Chatham County Public School system, and Chair of the Georgia Council of School Attorneys, and Phillip L. Hartley, Managing Partner, Harben, Hartley & Hawkins, LLP, Gainesville, Georgia and General Counsel for the Georgia School Boards Association

Hamilton Cnty. Sch. Bd. v. Haslam

HCBOE's response to state's motion to dismiss school funding equity suit.


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