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Public Advocacy: Common Core Messages

School board meeting

Prepare your community for the inevitable dip in test scores that comes with new assessments

Daniel Kaufman

The education world has witnessed major blowback in recent years against the Common Core State Standards, the assessments tied to those standards, and more generally, what many have argued is too much time and energy devoted to testing and test prep expended by students, teachers, and schools.

Issue Brief: Academic Standards (Common Core)

NSBA supports high academic standards, including Common Core standards, that are voluntarily adopted by states with local school board input and free from federal direction, federal mandates, funding conditions or coercion. Local school boards are responsible for the implementation of any new academic standards such as common core standards, which include locally approved instruction and materials in a manner that reflects community needs.

2015 Advocacy Institute Legislative Advocacy Background Materials

This document provides background information on the following legislative advocacy items that will be discussed in the 2015 Advocacy Institute

Ohio education groups voice dismay about vote to repeal Common Core

Nonfiction reading is getting a bum rap, writes CPE director Barth in Huff Post

Patte Barth, director of the Center for Public Education (CPE) at the National School Boards Association speaks out about the significance of nonfiction reading in her recent blog for Huffington Post.

“Developing students' skill at reading for information is equally important to reading and analyzing novels, drama and poetry,” says Barth. “The ability to comprehend and analyze informational texts plays a key role in equipping students for college, work and day-to-day life.”

Ohio education policy experts testified on Common Core State Standards

Speaking before the House Rules and Reference Committee on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Ohio education policy experts voiced Ohio’s long commitment to standards and improving the state’s education system. Seeking to dispel myths surrounding the CCSS, the experts presented a fact-based analysis which included information on the standards’ origins and its limitation to mathematics and English language arts. The testimony went on to stress how the standards will support improved student achievement and promote a strong and secure economic future for Ohio.

NSBA's Tom Gentzel Responds to 2014 PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools

We’re pleased to announce that NSBA executive director Thomas J. Gentzel was part of a select cadre of experts who presented, reviewed and discussed the results of the 2014 PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools on Wed., Aug. 20, 2014, at The Gallup Building in Washington, DC.

For more great clips please visit the NSBA video gallery.

PDK/Gallup Poll Reflects Americans’ Support for School Board Governance

Common Core State Standards and English Language Learners: Challenges & Opportunities for Academic Success

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) present both challenges and opportunities for English language learners (ELLs) to raise their academic performance and narrow the achievement gap. As school districts begin to adjust their programs to meet the expectations of the CCSS, they are faced with the responsibility of ensuring that English language learners (ELLs) gain access to the curriculum and develop the academic language skills required by the CCSS. This clinic will outline the benefi ts and challenges of the CCSS with respect to ELLs.

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