Tom On Point: Ready for what after high school?

Pop quiz: Should all high school graduates be “college and career ready”? If yes, what does that often-used phrase mean, exactly? Certainly, we can agree that students need to be exposed to a rigorous, challenging curriculum. And, we can celebrate the fact that instructional standards have been raised significantly, and that public schools now are educating more students to a higher level-—and graduating more of them—than ever before. Good news, indeed.

From the Editor: White privilege

White privilege. It’s a term that evokes a visceral reaction. Maybe it’s the word privilege that trips us up. It conjures up manor houses, private jets, and servants with white gloves. Certainly not the experiences of most of us.

Equity: A Place at the Table

Critical Care

New column will feature voices of educational equity

Verjeana Jacobs

NSBA News: NSBA Launches Commission to Close the Skills Gap

Talk to business and industry leaders, and you’ll hear plenty of optimism about the state of the nation’s economy. That is, until the subject turns to workforce staffing—especially the readiness of high school graduates to meet employers’ hiring needs.

From labor department statistics showing that there are more job openings than people looking for work, to baby boomers retiring in record numbers, to indicators that the workforce participation rate for young Americans (ages 16-24) will continue to decline, a potential crisis awaits, experts say.

Seeking Counsel: Do Right by Copyright

Critical Care

Avoid piracy and other copyright infringements in your schools

Julie Allen ​

Database: The Discipline Gap

Critical Care

Research shows the need for a better approach to school discipline

Patte Barth

Public Advocacy: Old Schools Never Die

Critical Care

Addressing the nightmare of closing schools

Glenn Cook

Closing a neighborhood school is one of the most difficult and controversial decisions boards and superintendents make, even if doing so makes educational and financial sense. Community emotions run high before, during, and after the process, and the blowback is often fierce.


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