Soundboard December 2018

Equity and Innovation

Micah Ali​

I am still floating from excitement and gratitude for the CUBE convening that took place in Las Vegas this September. The sense of purpose and renewed determination on behalf of all attendees was so palatable, I am confident every single person walked away with a deepened commitment to strive further and in new directions on behalf of students in urban schools across the United States.

Urban Pulse

What’s on the mind of urban school board members?

Michelle Healy​

Teacher staffing, charter schools, student achievement, consolidation—these are just some of the topics that were front-burner issues for school leaders attending NSBA’s Council of Urban Boards of Education 51st Annual Conference in Las Vegas in September.

The Shadow Knows

See your schools through the eyes of your students

Ryan Champeau​

Would you like a deeper understanding of the experience of being a student in your district schools? Shadowing your students for one day is one way of discovering how students experience learning in your district schools.

First Responders

Schools are on the front line in identifying students for mental health services

Michelle Healy​

With each of its 63 school buildings offering mental health services on site, Cincinnati Public Schools has committed to spreading a net of support to students in need of assistance.

Mind Body Connection

Meditation in schools calms nerves and improves focus

Robin L. Flanigan

At Independent School District 728 in Minnesota, mindfulness education specialist Mary T. Schmitz has students roll out their “islands”—otherwise known as yoga mats—and leads them through movement and breath exercises.

After It All Falls Apart

Schools hit by disasters face mental health challenges

Glenn Cook

Over the past several months, J.R. “Rusty” Norman has become used to crowds and a large media presence at school board meetings. But with classes back in session and a routine business agenda on tap, he thought the board might catch a break at its second meeting of the new school year.

ASBJ - December 2018

Mental health is the focus of our final issue of 2018. In “After It All Falls Apart,” writer Glenn Cook travels to Santa Fe, Texas, to find out how the schools and community are coping after experiencing the one-two punch of a natural disaster and school shooting.

We Recruit Students: A Case Study for Public Schools 

Traditional public schools are falling short on students. Gone are the days when public schools could sit back and wait for students to show up on the first day of class. Over the last 10 years, enrollment in charter schools has tripled. In this era of school choice, educators have to become proactive marketers to recruit, retain, and reclaim students for their public school. It's time for public schools to compete. 

President’s Perspective: No Rhyme or Reason

Not everything in life is logical, nor does everything come with a reasonable explanation. Did you know that it’s illegal to discharge a catapult in Colorado? Or that in Indiana, all black cats must wear bells around their necks on Friday the 13th? Snowball throwing isn’t allowed in Topeka, Kansas. And, in the city of Gainesville, Georgia, it’s illegal to eat fried chicken with anything other than your fingers. While there are likely some interesting or perhaps amusing stories behind these laws, they are nevertheless in place and enforceable.


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