Online only: Beyond ESSA: How to Do More with Required Reporting

Michael English, CEO, Forecast5 Analytics, Inc.

The deadline has passed for states to submit final Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plans. Now it’s up to school districts to figure out how to capture and report data about student performance to meet the new requirements. While the additional reporting can seem like a burden, buried in that task is a wonderful opportunity to boost strategic decision-making capabilities. School administrators just need a simple method to look at student data in a new way.

Paperless, Property Taxes, and the Price of Progress

Nebraska. The Good Life. Middle of nowhere? No, in the middle of it all. A state made up of metropolitan areas, the plains, sandhills, reservations and dramatic rock formations. The name itself means “flat water” after the Platte River which runs west to east through the state.

It is the home of Arbor Day, so you could say Nebraskans know a little about trees. Planting them. Caring for them. And doing our part to save them. More on that in a moment.

Three School Districts Earn Top Honors in 2018 Magna for Equity Programs

Alexandria, Va., (March 13, 2018) – Leyden High School District 212, Franklin Park, Illinois; Red Clay Consolidated School District, Wilmington, Delaware; and Newport News Public Schools, Newport News, Virginia, are the grand-prize winners in the 24th annual Magna Awards program sponsored by the National School Boards Association’s flagship magazine, American School Board Journal (ASBJ). This year, the Magna Awards recognize school districts and their leaders for their efforts to bring educational equity to their students.


Rethinking Parent-Teacher Conferences

A fourth-grade team makes the ubiquitous conferences more meaningful

Thomas Von Soelen

Leadership and the ‘Fifth Discipline’

Peter Senge’s work on systems thinking applies to school leadership

James Leatherman

President’s Perspective: ‘We Weren’t Born to Follow’

When the gavel was passed to me a year ago and I took the stage as NSBA’s 70th and youngest president in history, I did so to the song “We Weren’t Born to Follow” by Jon Bon Jovi, a 1980 graduate of my alma mater Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey. The song wasn’t selected just as a tribute to my school’s most famous alumnus. It was a message that during my presidency I would be looking to do things differently.

Tom On Point: Words are not enough

February 14, 2018, started as just another school day and ended, like too many others, as one more day of carnage and tragedy. The mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, stunned the nation but somehow did not shock it, as a kind of numbness washes over an American society that witnesses repeated instances of senseless violence.


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