Public Advocacy: No More ‘Game of Phones’

Critical Care

Apps Make Communications Easier During Emergencies

Glenn Cook

Kirsten Zazo knew that students in California’s Alameda Unified School District were planning to stage a walkout on the one-month anniversary of the Florida high school shooting that left 17 dead. As the district’s chief student support officer, she wanted to keep tabs on them for their safety.

So she turned to an app.

Soundboard June 2018

President’s Perspective: #MarchForOurLives

On a cold Saturday morning in March, in Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square, I stood with about 2,000 others at the March for Our Lives rally.

Speaker after speaker called for Congress to take tougher action for the protection of our schoolchildren, and I was left wondering about my role in all of this. As a school board member, these are my students, too, and part of this important conversation belongs to me and my fellow board members.

Tom On Point: Worth a thousand words

You wouldn’t know it from the black-and-white photograph, but they were red sneakers. Of that I am certain. I am in the first row, my hair combed back (yes, I had hair then!), wearing clothes that my mother probably had set aside just for school picture day, including that pair of Keds. The picture is of my first-grade class, with my favorite teacher, Miss Carr, proudly standing alongside her charges.

From the Editor: Are we listening?

When the Columbine shooting occurred in 1999, it was a shock. The aerial footage showing terrified students running out of their high school building. The grainy photos of the armed teenagers hunting for victims in the hallways and cafeteria. One teacher and 12 students shot and killed in a place that should have been their safest refuge.

The education community was stunned. But we all got to work, trying to figure out how to make sure it never happened again. School security was the top concern of all of us.

Combating Negative Stories

Micah Ali

Urban school districts, especially those on the rise and experiencing tremendous improvement, face a dilemma: Leverage the deficit-riddled narratives about their communities that tend to garner attention from sponsors and corporate partners, or fight those narratives tooth and nail and position their schools as worthwhile investments, where the R in ROI is academic achievement and doors opened for students.

A Different Lens

Why do we view inner-city violence differently than suburban violence?

Michelle Healy

Perseverance In Puerto Rico

District Official Finds Inspiration In Trip To Storm-Ravaged Island

Jeri Rowe

Julius Monk will have the scene etched in his mind forever—a concrete slab, a classroom with no roof, and a principal asking him for a list of supplies to make the repairs.

Monk had to tell her. No amount of supplies would make it right. The school needed major work, and it had to remain closed.

Long View Leadership

Cyberterrorism Spurs A Montana Board To Go Beyond Knee-jerk Reactions

Anna Deese

The Flathead Valley in northwest Montana had a rocky start to the 2017-18 school year.


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