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ASBJ - April 2017

The 2017 Magna Awards

The 2017 Magna Awards are here.

School Boards as Stewards

School board members are stewards of the principles of public education

February, 2017 George A. Goens

In most of our lifetimes, public schools were seen as the bedrock of our nation and a source of pride for our communities. They were places to realize the American dream, where the playing field could be leveled and children could pursue their aspirations and have a life better than their parents.

President's Corner: Be bolder for public education

Miranda Beard

As 2017 ushers in a brand new year and with it a new President and Congress, I can’t help but wonder about the effect these changes will have on the future of public education.

The pending changes and the challenges that will accompany them call for school board members and education leaders to be even more vigilant and strategic in their planning. They must ensure they are prepared for what may be on the horizon that could dramatically change or alter the civil right we know today as public education.

From the Editor: Easy to be green

I went to elementary school during the 1970s, in buildings constructed right after World War II. Terms like energy efficiency, daylighting, eco-friendly materials, and carbon footprint were unheard of.

Finding Green to Go Green

Critical Care

Energy efficiency can be a financial win-win for school districts

Del Stover

The Sarasota County Public Schools spend an average of 96 cents per square foot to heat, cool, light, and power its schools every year.

That’s 34 cents less per square than one of its neighboring school districts, making Sarasota County one of the most energy-efficient school systems in Florida.

ASBJ - February 2017

The Green Issue

Environmentally conscious building and construction can be expensive and occasionally a hard sell to communities. Senior Editor Del Stover’s article, “Finding Green to Go Green,” shows how districts can reap monetary rewards from energy savings.

The Next Frontier in the Student Achievement Debate

Select a principal with student achievement in mind

December, 2016 Brandon Palmer


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