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President’s Perspective: ‘Taking a knee’ against unconscious bias

I have a Sunday morning ritual that consists of enjoying a great breakfast while watching NBC’s “Meet the Press.” A few weeks ago, during this ritual, I received a phone call from a local newspaper reporter who covers high school sports. I have great respect for Greg. He not only covers the play-by-play action, but also views high school sports as a microcosm of life. As a result, he often covers aspects of students’ lives and the social issues that impact them. 

Tom on Point: Not an island

Public schools are where most children learn. They are major employers, they are reference points (“turn left at the middle school”), and they are gathering places. They are a community asset, whose continued success is entrusted to the citizens themselves and led by their representatives on school boards.

From the Editor: Storm front

We are seldom prepared for disasters—even when we know they’re coming. 

A school board member who grew up in San Francisco told me that earthquakes drove him from the area. Earthquakes, he said, happen out of the blue. One minute, everything is fine. Suddenly, solid ground heaves and shifts, toppling buildings and breaking bridges. 

Observation Deck

Critical Care

ESSA monitoring can bring benefits to districts

Maribeth Vander Weele

During a state monitoring visit, Toledo Schools Administrator Scott TenEyck saw a program that transformed a school from chaos to purposeful organization and improved graduation rates. So he spread the word —and the college readiness program expanded to more than 20 buildings.

Whole District Fundraising

Critical Care

Development offices help raise money for K-12 districts

Stan Levenson

In these days of tight budgets, it’s imperative that the public schools learn how to bring in outside monies. For years, schools have been relying on modest fundraising approaches like bake sales, candy sales, and car washes. These time-consuming tactics, while helpful in the past, can no longer carry the burden of cash-strapped schools. 

The Face of Hunger

Critical Care

Districts work to solve childhood hunger

Del Stover

If you’re not convinced that hunger is a real problem for your students, visit a school cafeteria on the morning after a long weekend, suggests Lynn Harvey, president of the School Nutrition Association.

Hurricanes Irma, Maria disrupt schools in Florida, Puerto Rico

Michelle Healy

This year’s devastating hurricane season forced thousands of displaced students into new school homes. In response, school districts rolled out the welcome mat and put in protocols to assist the students and their families. 

Lone Star Strong

Critical Care

Texas schools rebuild after Hurricane Harvey blast

Story and photos by Glenn Cook

On a Sunday morning in late August, Vicki Mims took her usual route to the office—in a boat. 

ASBJ - December 2017

The 2017 Magna Awards

Nothing can prepare you for 50 ounces of rain—90 trillion gallons – falling over four days. You cannot prepare for sustained 100-mph winds. But as the people in the Gulf Coast of Texas know, you can recover. With help.


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