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Beyond Governance

School board members have an important role in representing the district to the community outside the boardroom

November, 2014 Doug Eadie Download PDF

Serving the Latest Wave of Immigrant Children - ASBJ

Francisco Negrón, NSBA General Counsel, discusses the obligation of school districts to educate all students regardless of their immigration status. Watch as Francisco explains the new challenges school districts face due to the unaccompanied nature of undocumented children. School districts now have a challenge to identify and communicate with the people taking care of these children.

Meeting the Immigrant Challenge - ASBJ

The American School Board Journal brings you to Alexandria, Va., to see a school district program that helps immigrant students achieve.

2015 Magna Awards: nominations open for exemplary programs

Helping Kids Learn to Read - ASBJ

The AARP Experience Corps program is helping students K-3 learn how to read with the help of adult volunteers. The American School Board Journal takes you to Philadelphia, a city where AARP Experience Corps operates.

A School District of Innovation - ASBJ

At Taylor County Public Schools, in central Kentucky, instruction is centered on technology and performance-based education and has brought student success. The American School Board Journal brings you the story from Campbellsville.


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