NSBA Letter to Full Congress Opposing the CHOICE Act

NSBA letter opposes the CHOICE (Creating Hope and Opportunities for Individuals and Communities through Education) Act and urges Congress to maximize resources for our public schools.

NSBA Letter to the House Subcommittee on Agriculture Appropriations for FY 2015

NSBA calls for school district flexibility and improvements in implementation of school meals and other child nutrition regulations.

NSBA and Rebuild America's Schools Coalition Letter to Senate Leaders

NSBA and Rebuild America's Schools coalition forwarded a letter to Senate Leaders supporting a two-year extension for Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZABs), which are used by school districts in every state to renovate, repair, and modernize school buildings and classrooms.


NSBA 2017 State of the Association Report

The 2017 State of the Association report chronicles NSBA’s strategic milestones and offers a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Issue Brief: Local School Board Governance and Flexibility

The responsibility for education resides with the states which, in turn, have delegated substantial authority to local educational agencies, which are governed by local school boards. The role of the local school board is to develop policies, set priorities, and provide accountability to direct the operation of its schools.

IDEA Coalition Dear Colleague Letter: Jan. 24, 2014

NSBA joins a coalition of education associations to urge U.S. Representatives ask the President to increase funding for IDEA in his FY 2015 budget proposal.

NSBA’s Actions Regarding Charter Schools

Read about NSBA’s actions regarding charter schools: letters to Congress and federal agencies, comments, and grassroots calls to action.

NSBA’s Actions Regarding Private School Vouchers

Read about NSBA’s actions opposing private school vouchers: letters to Congress and federal agencies, comments, and grassroots calls to action.

Background on Private School Vouchers

Private school vouchers have not proven to be successful in improving student achievement over time. Find out more about why NSBA opposes them.

NSBA’s Position on Private School Vouchers

NSBA opposes private school vouchers and tuition tax subsidies because these programs divert taxpayers’ funds from public schools.


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