How-to Video: Logging Into the NSBA/COSA Website

Here’s how to log on to the NSBA site to access COSA members-only content.

How-to Video: How To Search NSBA's Legal Clips

In a one-minute video, learn how to search Legal Clips’ thousands of posts with recent decisions and media reports addressing school law topics. 

I Stand Up 4 Public Schools

Public schools mold America into the great nation of citizens we are today. From the encouragement of great teachers or mentors like the football coach, to the support of the high school counselor, public schools shaped many of our lives. So, let's "Stand Up 4 Public Schools" and support quality public schools for America’s students! Emmy Award-winning television personality and celebrity advocate for “Stand UP 4 Public Schools,” Montel Williams says now is the time to support public education.

Serving the Latest Wave of Immigrant Children - ASBJ

Francisco Negrón, NSBA General Counsel, discusses the obligation of school districts to educate all students regardless of their immigration status. Watch as Francisco explains the new challenges school districts face due to the unaccompanied nature of undocumented children. School districts now have a challenge to identify and communicate with the people taking care of these children.

Meeting the Immigrant Challenge - ASBJ

The American School Board Journal brings you to Alexandria, Va., to see a school district program that helps immigrant students achieve.

114 public schools to receive Apple ConnectED grants

Apple logo

In June 2013, the Obama administration announced the ConnectED program, which would connect 99 percent of America’s students to next-generation broadband and high-speed wireless in their schools and libraries and modernize the E-rate program. The National School Boards Association (NSBA) supports this initiative because high-speed connectivity is vital for preparing students and communities for success in a competitive global economy.

New video highlights public education successes from "Stand Up 4 Public Schools"

Stand Up for Public Schools

Watch the new video "I Stand Up 4 Public Schools" featuring television personality and  "Stand Up 4 Public Schools" celebrity advocate Montel Williams.

The National School Boards Association’s national campaign, “Stand Up 4 Public Schools” highlights the achievements of America’s public schools and gives a voice to citizens who say “Who I am today began with public education.”

Video: How schools can best invest time to raise student achievement

Is the amount of instructional time available to American teachers and students in an average school day adequate? Expectations for what students should know continue to rise, but the time allocated to meet new standards has not kept pace. Where can schools best invest time to achieve positive growth?


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