2017 Annual Conference

AIAN speaker works to humanize Alaska homeless

Motivational speaker, storyteller, musician, and homeless activist Samuel Johns’ favorite quote is from theoretical physicist Albert Einstein: "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

It is that passion and curiosity that led Johns, an Athabascan (a Native Alaskan people) to found the Forget Me Not Movement, an effort to draw attention to and help address homelessness in Anchorage, Alaska.

The world needs your contribution

You are a genius and the world needs your contribution. So says Angela Maiers, and she hopes everyone takes this message to heart.

Maiers, who spoke at the School Leaders Luncheon on Saturday at NSBA’s annual conference, said she wasn’t just trying to be inspirational with her statement. The teacher, author, and Ted Talk speaker told the audience that it was imperative that they realized their genius. If they didn’t, she asked, how could they get their students to do it?

Judge Hatchett: Do all you can for children

It was Saturday, not Sunday, when Judge Glenda Hatchett spoke at the Council of Urban Boards of Education luncheon at NSBA’s Annual Conference in Denver. And no one said, “Amen.” But ask anybody who was there: Church was in session.

Magna Awards honors innovative districts

The School Leaders Luncheon honored the winners of the 2017 Magna Awards on Saturday at NSBA’s annual conference.

NSBA’s Council of School Attorneys elects new leadership

NSBA’s Council of School Attorneys (COSA), the national network of attorneys representing K-12 public school districts, elected new leaders and directors at the School Law Seminar in Denver for 2017-18.

Saturday's video highlights of NSBA's Annual Conference

Want to make a difference? Do something really hard

People often ask retired astronaut Scott Kelly about what was best about being in space. Was it seeing the big blue marble? Floating in zero G? Feeling a million pounds of thrust at your back before bolts explode and a rocket launches?

None of the above, Kelly said at the opening General Session at NSBA’s Annual Conference. “The best part is that it’s really, really hard.” If you want to make a difference, he said, don’t be afraid to do things that are hard.

NSBA CEO Gentzel encourages boards to Stand Up

Providing tens of millions of children with a world-class education every day is a daunting responsibility, but our schools are making “incredible progress” in meeting the challenge thanks to committed and innovative problem-solving school leaders across the country. That was the message that NSBA Executive Director and CEO Thomas J. Gentzel shared with attendees at Saturday’s General Session on the opening day of NSBA’s 77th Annual Conference in Denver.

High-poverty schools can be high achieving

Demographics are not destiny in student achievement, according to an expert who spoke at NSBA’s pre-conference session on Friday called “Disrupting Poverty: Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools.”

Tinker speaks on free speech in public schools

Mary Beth Tinker is a rock star among legal circles. After she spoke at COSA’s session on free speech in public schools on Friday at the School Law Seminar, she was surrounded by admirers. Audience members were hoping to get a signed black armband – a piece of history from one of the students in the seminal 1969 First Amendment student free speech case Tinker v. Des Moines.


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