2016 Annual Conference

BoardDocs rolls out new feature upgrades

Emerald Data Solutions™, Inc., developer of BoardDocs® next-generation board management solutions, has announced two very compelling feature upgrades for BoardDocs LT users: Policy Development and Publication, and Meeting Minutes Editing.

Owensboro Public Schools Board of Education of Owensboro, Kentucky Receives $10,000 Kennedy Center and NSBA Award

Washington, DC - April 11, 2016 - The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts today announced the Owensboro Public Schools Board of Education in Owensboro, Kentucky, will receive the 28th annual Kennedy Center and National School Boards Association (NSBA) Award. The award, which includes a $10,000 prize, will be presented today by Mario R. Rossero, Senior Vice President of Education at the Kennedy Center, at the National School Boards Association’s Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

School board bullying

Student bullying is a sad but all too common problem that school districts regularly contend with. Less well known is the problem of bullying school board members, superintendents, and their spouses, a panel said Sunday at NSBA’s Annual Conference in Boston.

Bullying or mobbing (bullying by more than one) is the embarrassing “elephant in the room” that people don’t want to talk about, said Pamela Rockwood, superintendent of Indian Creek School District #425 in DeKalb County, Illinois.

Transgender students guide

Navigating legal issues around transgender students is among the most discussed and rapidly evolving topics in public schools today.

A new, easy to understand resource guide from NSBA answers many of the FAQs needed to support safe learning environments for all students, including transgender students.

Authentic STEAM

When New York’s Lynbrook Union Free School District purchased a couple of low-end 3-D printers, art teacher Michael Kunz and technology teacher Paul Rotstein had fun experimenting with them. What emerged was a partnership with a local hospital and a project that ended up benefiting children with cerebral palsy and other medical conditions.

Every student, every day in North Carolina

Have you heard of “edutourism”? It’s traveling to observe a high-performing school district.

One of the best examples is Mooresville, North Carolina – a town of 32,000 with three claims to fame: (1) it’s home to a number of NASCAR drivers, (2) Lowe’s Companies is headquartered there and (3) it has an acclaimed school district that has been favorably profiled in numerous education journals as well as mainstream media.

Make the best of your time

A mother who lost one son to cocaine and a second to a drive-by shooting can capture attention and understanding when she says she’s “been to hell and back.” Despite such horrific tragedies, Lonise Bias brought a message that “the best is yet to come” to the Sunday luncheon of the National Black Council of School Board Members at NSBA’s Annual Conference in Boston.

Carvalho: We have a moral duty to tackle inconvenient truths

When Miami-Dade County Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho bounded onto the stage to address the National Hispanic Council breakfast at NSBA’s Annual Conference in Boston, he announced, “I know it’s Sunday morning. I shall not be preaching today.”

And then he proceeded to preach. Brother, did he preach.

Boarding schools and segregation

American historians have written volumes about school segregation and integration, mostly involving African-American youth in the 1940s and 1950s. But much less is known about how the times affected American Indian society and history.

Brenda Child wants to change that, especially how that history is intertwined with U.S. development a century and a half ago.

Playing to learn

If your district has integrated video games as a regular part of the curriculum, then you already know that they can support learning and engage students. If your district has not, you are missing a valuable opportunity, presenters said at the “Playing to Learn” session Saturday at NSBA’s Annual Conference in Boston.

While conducting research for his book, The Game Believes in You, Greg Toppo said he wanted to find out if game play “could make school more rigorous, more enjoyable.”


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