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Showcase Your Emerging Technology Product

Meet the 2017 Technology Innovation Showcase Companies.
The application process for 2018 is now closed.

2016 Innovation Showcase story – ASBJ, June 2016

Deadline to Apply: February 23, 2018

The Technology Innovation Showcase is a bridge between the exciting entrepreneurial activities underway in the K-12 market and school board members and district leaders.

The Showcase highlights six companies each year that represent a sample of innovative solutions positively impacting one of four key areas of the K-12 enterprise:

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Administrative Operations
  • Parental Outreach
  • Community Engagement


The National School Boards Association (NSBA), with 30 years’ experience through its Technology Leadership Network (TLN), is recognized as the leading voice among mainstream education associations for its sustained commitment to education technology innovation. NSBA’s TLN is committed to helping emerging firms understand the role of school board members in public schools’ complex decision-making and purchasing process, and to acquainting school board members and leadership teams with a world filled with new possibilities.  Working with and through its state school boards associations, NSBA serves 90,000 school board members and is uniquely positioned to introduce innovative solutions to a national audience.

Benefits to selected companies

  • National recognition as one of 2018’s most innovative companies by NSBA’s Technology Leadership Network.
  • Selected companies will be featured Mar. - Dec., 2018
  • Highlighted in a full-page, 4-color Technology Innovation Showcase group announcement in one issue of American School Board Journal, NSBA’s award-winning magazine for district leaders and school board members.
  • Complimentary exhibit spot in the TLN Innovation Showcase Pavilion at the NSBA annual conference, April 7-9, San Antonio.
  • Rapid-fire presentation opportunity in the interactive TLN Technology Innovation Showcase session on April 7th, at the NSBA annual conference.
  • Featured in one of NSBA’s National Connection webinars.

Who can apply?

  • Emerging companies in the education marketplace, launched within the past two years
  • New effort/focus from an established education company, launched within the past two years
  • Companies with technology-based solutions that address challenges in:
    • K-12 teaching & learning
    • administrative operations
    • parental outreach
    • community engagement
  • Companies which are able to deliver product/services to educators across the U.S.

How do you get selected?

  • Be willing and able to travel to San Antonio, April 7-9
  • Your submission will be reviewed by a panel of educators previously identified through NSBA’s “20 to Watch” program, along with education writers and consultants.
  • Key selection criteria include:
    • How well can the company articulate the K-12 need it is addressing?
    • Has the company developed a unique approach or created a niche?
    • Does it show promise of financial sustainability? Will it still be around if educators take the time to adopt the solution?

Requirements for selected companies

  • Send representatives to San Antonio, April 7-8th.
  • Pay a fee of $2,500 if selected
    • There is no fee to have your company’s submission reviewed. The $2,500 fee applies ONLY if your company is selected.
    • The fee supports benefits associated with this project and the educational efforts of NSBA’s technology work to serve school district leaders and state school boards associations around the country.
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