How to Join TLN


Houston ISD/Dave Einsel:

Join the Technology Leadership Network Today.

TLN’s affordable fees are based on your enrollment or agency category. Remember, NSBA National Connection districts receive a 50 percent discount on TLN fees. Payment by purchase order is welcome.

Enroll Your District

District Enrollment Regular Fee National Connection Discount
1,000 students $725 $362
1,000–2,499 students
Ed. Service Agencies, Colleges, and Universities
$1,150 $575
2,500–7,499 students and State Depts. of Ed. $1,750 $875
7,500–14,999 students $2,370 $1,185
15,000+ students $3,100 $1,550
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Participate in TLN as an Individual

  • School Board member: $190 per year
  • School district employee: $190 per year
  • Consultant (an individual who does not provide a product): $300 per year


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