Checklist for Superintendent Evaluation

Use this checklist to ensure that your board covers all the bases when evaluating its superintendent.

  • The standards for judging the superintendent’s performance are understood by both the superintendent and the members of the board.
  • The board has agreed with the superintendent on a time and place for the evaluation.
  • The board has specified that no other matters of business will be on the agenda for this meeting.
  • The board is assured that all of its members will attend.
  • All members understand that their individual assessments of the superintendent will be compiled into a final composite evaluation that will be discussed between the superintendent and the whole board.
  • The board has established criteria that will evaluate both strengths and weaknesses.
  • The board and the superintendent have agreed on a method of evaluation, and the evaluation will become a regularly scheduled event, to occur at least once each year.
  • Both the board and the superintendent will participate. The board will assess the superintendent.
  • According to the agreed-upon criteria; the superintendent will use the same criteria as a basis for self-evaluation.
  • It is understood that when evaluation forms are used, the board still may wish to address other matters (to which the superintendent will have a fair opportunity to respond).
  • The final evaluation will be in writing; and adequate, objective documentation for all conclusions will be provided.
  • It is understood between the parties that, one or more criteria might be deleted from the process because extenuating circumstances may have prevented the superintendent from performing the function.
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