Key Work Circle Accountability School board accountability means taking your fair share of responsibility for student outcomes. Being accountable means answering not only for your actions but also for the results of your actions.


To explore how effective school boards maintain public confidence through a shared understanding of expectations, roles and responsibilities, and standards/desired results.


What’s in the Guidebook?

Key Lessons

The Key Work of School Boards Guidebook highlights several important lessons about implementing effective accountability:

  • Strong Focus on Student Results
  • Success Measured by Improved Student Achievement
  • School Board Responsibilities
  • Constructing Excellent Standards
  • Student, School, and District Data Are Publicly Reported in an Easy-to-Understand Format
  • Accountability is Motivation for Continuous Improvement
  • Accountability Does Not Limit the Education Experience
  • Accountability and Alignment Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Helpful Supplements

The Guidebook also includes several supplements to help you implement accountability:

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