Peer Organizations

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AIAN’s Peer Organizations

Below are links to outside organizations dedicated to improving the educational outcomes for American Indian and Alaska Native students:

American Indian Education
This website provides information, including links to related websites, on the history and current thinking about American Indian education.

National Indian Education Association
The National Indian Education Association is membership based organization committed to increasing educational opportunities and resources for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students while protecting our cultural and linguistic traditions. Incorporated in 1970, NIEA is the nation’s largest and oldest Indian education organization and strives to keep Indian Country moving toward educational equity. 

U. S. Department of Interior - Indian Affairs
The Bureau of Indian Affairs (IA) is the oldest bureau of the United States Department of the Interior. Established in 1824, IA currently provides services to 1.7 million American Indians and Alaska Natives. There are 562 federally recognized American Indian tribes and Alaska Natives in the United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is responsible for the administration and management of 66 million acres of land held in trust by the United States for American Indian, Indian tribes, and Alaska Natives.

The Bureau of Indian Education
(BIE) provides education services to approximately 44,000 Indian students.

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