AIAN Luminous Eagle Award


One school board will be selected for their excellence in policies, practices and strategies that promote and enhance equitable conditions, increased access to quality instruction and improving academic outcomes and career readiness for American Indian and Alaska Native Students.

The winning board will receive the following benefits:

  • National recognition in NSBA programming as a pro-equitable district
  • Recognition and presentation at the AI/AN Luncheon
  • Promotion in national, state and local outlets as well as social media
  • You will be featured in NSBA publications
  • Confidence in knowing that you are contributing to the knowledge base of best practices in equity


Award Criteria and Information

To apply for the Luminous Eagle Award, your school board must complete the online application.  Your application will be judged by the AI/AN Board of Directors.

The components of the application are as follows:

You will be required to answer the following questions:

Is your district a member of the State School Board Association which is a member of NSBA?

How many students do you serve?

What is the percentage of American Indian and/or Alaska Native students in your district?

Does your district have an equity policy?  If yes, please provide a copy of the policy.

What strategies has your district implemented to promote and enhance academic outcomes and equitable conditions for American Indian and Alaska Native Students?

What specific evidence can you provide to show your effectiveness in building educational equity?

Supportive materials that provide evidence of equity may include such examples:

  • School board policies
  • District mission and vision statement
  • State or national awards or other recognition
  • Print or online media coverage
  • Participation in research studies
  • Data and outcomes
  • Other relevant documentation

Important Notes:

  • Each applicant school board must be a member in good standing with its state school board association;
  • The content of your application will be accessible only to the AI/AN Board of Directors and NSBA staff;
  • The judges reserve the right to seek additional information from other sources, such as material from the district’s website, phone interviews, print and social media, etc.;
  • The judging and selection process will be managed exclusively by NSBA and AI/AN Directors;
  • By submitting this application your school board commits to sending at least one representative to be present, at the expense of NSBA to be present if selected as the winner;
  • The winning board will receive complimentary conference registration and travel expenses for a board member and superintendent to attend the AI/AN Luncheon;
  • Applications must be submitted online no later than midnight, Eastern Time on January 25, 2019.



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