Highlights in COSA’s 50-Year History

January 1967 The NSBA Board of Directors meets in Evanston, Illinois and approves the formation of the NSBA Council of School Attorneys.
September 1969 The first NSBA seminar for attorneys on negotiations and personnel relations is held in Chicago, Illinois.
July 1974 NSBA adopts COSA’s first budget and program goals. COSA has 250 members.
March 1977 The first issue of Inquiry & Analysis is published.  COSA has 700 members.
November 1977 The American Bar Association’s Committee on Law Lists approves COSA as a qualified bar association.
April 1980 COSA’s State Association Counsel group holds its first meeting at the NSBA annual convention.
November 1980 NSBA provides a full-time administrative director to support COSA programs.  COSA has 1000 members.
February 1981 COSA holds its first advocacy seminar at Captiva Island, Florida.  COSA has 1500 members.
March 1988 Attendance at COSA’s School Law Seminar reaches over 500.  COSA has 2500 members. COSA elects its first woman chair, Patricia Baker (KS).
June 1989 COSA Board of Directors adopts long range goals and strategies.
July 1991 COSA membership tops 3000, with 32 affiliated state councils.
January 1992 COSA celebrates its 25th anniversary of service to public schools and leadership in legal advocacy.
February 2004 Audio conferences via telephone are offered as a professional development service.
November 2007 The advocacy seminar becomes the School Law Practice Seminar, held in Austin, Texas that year.
June 2010 COSA offers its first webinar as a professional development opportunity.
October 2013 COSA’s School Law Practice Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee draws over 200 school attorneys.
October 2016 COSA Board of Directors adopts a 5-year strategic plan.
November, 2016 Indiana becomes the 38th affiliated council of NSBA COSA.
December, 2016 COSA offers 14+ webinars per year. COSA membership tops 3100.


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