Our Groups Work to Improve Educational Opportunities for All Students

Despite some significant academic gains over the years, serious achievement gaps persist among many of our students, particularly those from several racial and ethnic groups. NSBA gives educational leaders the opportunity to enter a national-level dialogue on how to improve the academic achievement of the students they serve. 


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National Black Council of School Board Members

We promote the goals and vision of the NSBA and provides leadership, in conjunction with other key stakeholders, for improving the educational opportunities for African American students.

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National Hispanic Council of School Board Members

We promotes NSBA’s goals and vision and fosters dialogue among school board members and other stakeholders committed to improving the educational achievement of Hispanic students. This group is involved in legislative initiatives, such as literacy rates and standardized tests, and in education leadership issues, such as professional development and effective governance.

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National Council of American Indian/Alaska Native School Board Members

We serve as a leader and advocate on issues of achievement for American Indian and Alaska Native children. Members of the caucus work to promote equal educational opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native students and address the unique challenges and opportunities these children face.

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How to Enroll

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Membership is open to anyone interested in meeting and addressing the educational needs of racial and ethnic students in our communities.

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