Helpful Resources and Training

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Resources listed below contain step-by-step instructions, complete with screen shots, to make using BuyBoard easy and efficient.

Membership Resources

BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative Bylaws

Interlocal Participation Agreement

Sample Resolution

BuyBoard Board of Directors 



"Getting Started" training video
A brief overview to help the member get started using the BuyBoard National Purchase Cooperative.

"The Search Function" training video
This training video will highlight all aspects of searching for items and/or vendors on BuyBoard.

"Purchase" Video
This training video will provide easy to follow instructions on making a purchase through BuyBoard.


Resources to Download

Request for Quote PowerPoint
Simplify your purchasing and save time and money by using the Request for Quote. This short powerpoint explains the power of the Request for Quote "RFQ" feature.

Sample Request for Quote for projector lamps
An actual tabulation sheet from a Request for Quote to purchase projector lamps. The RFQ was submitted to various vendors on January 6, 2012. The discounted prices for the purchase of multiple lamps is shown in this document.

Quick Reference Guide
Step-by-step instructions with screen shots for using BuyBoard.

Mini Desk Reference guide
2-page guide is a condensed version of the 15-page Quick Reference Guide.

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