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Becoming a member of the National Purchasing Cooperative, d/b/a National BuyBoard® or BuyBoard®, requires only a few simple steps – and membership is free!

Complete this form to execute the National Purchasing Cooperative Interlocal Participation Agreement on behalf of your entity and become a BuyBoard member. Review the Interlocal Participation Agreement.  If you prefer to execute a hard copy of the Agreement,
e-mail ( or fax (703.519.6497) the completed and signed agreement.

If action by your entity’s governing body is required prior to joining, follow your policy/procedure before agreeing and submitting the Interlocal Participation Agreement to establish your membership. Download the sample resolution for your district to adopt.

Nonprofit Entities and Texas Governmental Entities

DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM.  Nonprofit entities must complete the Nonprofit Subscriber Agreement and Texas governmental entities must complete The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative (a/k/a Texas Cooperative) Interlocal Participation Agreement, and e-mail ( or fax (800-211-5454) the agreement to the BuyBoard to establish membership. 


DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM.  As a vendor, the first step is to register as a new supplier/vendor at How to Register.  Registering does not grant your company the right to sell to BuyBoard members. Vendors must be awarded a BuyBoard contract in order to sell through the BuyBoard. 

Take a Test Drive

Visit the BuyBoard website and sign in.  User ID:  nsbademo   Password:  Demo4you

Eligible Governmental Entities Include

  • Cities
  • Community Colleges
  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • Public Universities
  • School Districts
  • Towns
  • Villages
  • Other Local Government Agencies


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