The world needs your contribution

You are a genius and the world needs your contribution. So says Angela Maiers, and she hopes everyone takes this message to heart.

Maiers, who spoke at the School Leaders Luncheon on Saturday at NSBA’s annual conference, said she wasn’t just trying to be inspirational with her statement. The teacher, author, and Ted Talk speaker told the audience that it was imperative that they realized their genius. If they didn’t, she asked, how could they get their students to do it?

When you ask kindergarten students what their genius is, they answer easily, she said. But as they get older, go through the education system, and learn to fit it, they lose this idea that they can achieve great things.

Everyone, students included, need to matter. It’s a biological need to noticed, valued, appreciated, she said. Realizing that you matter is imperative so you can share your genius with the world. And, she said, you have an obligation to let others know that they matter and help them recognize their genius.

Maiers encouraged audience members to each day for 30 days tell five people why they matter. They can use any method of communication that they chose. They can also use a variety of templates for inspiration on Maiers’ Mattergram website (

Maiers’ new book, Genius Matters, is available free for educators to download at


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