Stand Up 4 Public Schools Today

There is no ordinary day in our public schools. Great things are happening but often go unnoticed. Extraordinary teaching and learning and acts of heroism take place during every hour, every day, every year.

Stand Up 4 Public Schools, NSBA's national public education campaign reveals the true teaching and learning in public schools and provides a means for people to demonstrate support for their community-based schools.

With detractors defining the state of public schools and an unsettled atmosphere that is particularly palpable in Washington, D.C. and around the country, people need to know about the breadth and depth of teaching and learning in their schools and they need a platform to share their stories about the great things happening in their local public schools.

The Stand Up campaign provides a more accurate and thorough perspective of public schools. It features a website that highlights the creativity that is prevalent in public schools, which produces unique programs and experiences and amazing outcomes every day. It provides information about innovative programs in communities, from the smallest to the largest school districts, across the country and about the dauntless and bold actions of educators – teachers, administrators, superintendents, and school board members – that help prepare students for the future.

“The Stand Up 4 Public Schools campaign is an opportunity to share the rich story about public education, and accentuate that every day in a public school is unique and filled with acts of heroism,” said Thomas J. Gentzel, Executive Director and CEO, NSBA. “The campaign is the best way for people to demonstrate their support for children and their community.”

Please visit www.standup4publicschools to read about the Difference Makers and the Extraordinary teaching and learning in our neighborhood schools, and to sign the pledge to show you Stand Up 4 Public Schools.

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