The public has spoken, but are America’s lawmakers and policymakers listening?

National School Boards Association Executive Director, Thomas J. Gentzel, in his blog for Huffington Post, The Public View of Public Schools: Are the Nation's Policymakers Listening, poses the questions: Who should govern America’s public schools? Should public education be led by the president and Congress? State authorities? Or should local school boards—with access to the local context and community—be responsible for the quality of public education? 

Americans have clearly voiced their opinions with the 2014 PDK/Gallup poll results showing their preference for local school boards having the greatest influence in deciding what is taught in public schools, and their opposition to federal overreach.

“The public has spoken,” Gentzel states in his blog, “but are America’s lawmakers and policymakers listening?” "Only though a clearly defined and appropriate federal role, a willingness to explore a revised charge of the U.S. Department of Education, and placing primary responsibility for education in the hands of locally elected school boards who clearly have the greatest confidence of the public, will school reform efforts thrive at local levels.”

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