NSBA Statement in Response to the U.S. Department of Education’s Call for an Expansion of the D.C. Voucher Program

January 28, 2019

Alexandria, Va. (January 27, 2019): NSBA is deeply concerned that the U.S. Secretary of Education is calling on Congress to expand D.C. school vouchers with automatic funding increases. A call for automatic funding of the D.C. voucher program is a call to expand the diversion of federal dollars without accountability. While it is the only federally-funded voucher program in the country, the program has been plagued with many of the accountability shortcomings found in other voucher program.

NSBA will continue to oppose the expansion of vouchers, including the ill-conceived call for the expansion of automatic funding for federally established vouchers, and we will continue to educate Congress and the Administration on the harms to students resulting from privatization and its concomitant lack of accountability to taxpayers and parents.  Most importantly NSBA will continue to refocus federal and state law makers towards the many existing benefits of choice within traditional public schools. 

For more information see NSBA’s Issue Brief here.

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