NSBA Praises Lawmakers for Pressing Forward on No Child Left Behind Overhaul

July 15, 2015

Alexandria, Va. (July 15, 2015) - As the U.S. Senate approaches the end of debate on the nation’s largest education law, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) continues to actively engage with our nation’s lawmakers in support of a comprehensive, strategic modernization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). NSBA remains steadfast in urging lawmakers to pass a final bill that restores community ownership to local school boards, maximizes federal funding for Title I, and excludes private vouchers, tuition tax credits, or existing voucher programs.

The Senate resumed consideration of the Every Child Achieves Act (S.1177) to modernize the ESEA. At the start of this morning’s debate, lawmakers emphasized the value of local school boards across the country with a call to strengthen local governance, provide greater flexibility, and guard against inappropriate levels of federal intrusion.

“While ESEA reauthorization is still ongoing, we appreciate the House and Senate for rallying to expedite the rewrite of No Child Left Behind,” stated Thomas J. Gentzel, NSBA Executive Director. “As the Senate reaches the home stretch for consideration of ESEA, NSBA will continue to advocate on behalf of America’s 90,000 school board members for an education law that restores local governance, allocates targeted investments in Title I, and authorizes the resources needed to improve academic achievement for all public school students.”

During today’s floor proceedings, Senators Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) urged their colleagues to vote in favor of a motion to invoke cloture on the Manager’s Amendment to S.1177 and thereby limit debate to push forward for a final vote. With a vote of 86-12, the cloture motion passed and several amendments will be considered during the duration of floor debate on S.1177.

In light of the progress on ESEA reauthorization, NSBA appreciates Members of Congress for their diligence, and will continue to call on them to pass a final bill that strengthens local governance, invests in Title I programs, and prevents federal funds from being used to, directly or indirectly, fund private education through tax credits, vouchers, or a choice system.


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