NSBA Releases Comprehensive School Safety Guide

August 22, 2018

The National School Boards Association Releases Comprehensive School Safety Guide

"Fostering School Safety” Emphasizes Need for Community Integration, State and Federal Funding, School Safety Planning and Programming

Alexandria, Va. (August 22, 2018) - The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has released a legal guide to help school board members, as policy makers for school districts, navigate the increasingly complex world of emergency preparedness and response to instances of school safety and mass violence. “Fostering Safer Schools, A Legal Guide for School Board Members on School Safety” takes a fresh look through a legal lens at school safety. The guide identifies key areas of concern that have emerged as looming issues including student mental health, crisis management, working with law enforcement and legal liability.

“School safety has been and will always be a top concern for school board members,” says Thomas J. Gentzel, NSBA’s Executive Director & CEO. “I hope this legal guide offers state school boards associations a valuable resource they can share with their school board members to ensure that each and every student and educator is able to learn and teach in most secure environment possible.”

The school safety guide covers:

  • Student emotional and mental well-being and threat assessment;
  • School safety planning;
  • Working with law enforcement; and
  • Liability and insurance.

The guide also provides a list of resources that are available from NSBA, state school boards associations, third-party organizations, and federal, state and local government.

“School safety needs to continue to be top of mind for all of us in the wake of so many tragedies, whether big or small,” adds Francisco Negrón, NSBA’s Chief Legal Officer and Interim Chief Advocacy Officer. “Our guide offers school boards critical information and best practices to consider when making the best choices for their school districts and their children.”

Access "Fostering Safer Schools, A Legal Guide for School Board Members on School Safety," at


The National School Boards Association (NSBA) is the leading advocate for public education and supports equity and excellence in public education through school board leadership. NSBA believes education is a civil right necessary to the dignity and freedom of the American people, and all children should have equal access to an education that maximizes his or her individual potential. The association represents state school boards associations and their more than 90,000 local school board members throughout the U.S.

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