Former Portsmouth and Youngstown School Board Members Receive Elijah Mays Lifetime Achievement Awards

October 3, 2014

Alexandria, Va. (Oct. 3, 2014) – The National School Boards Association’s (NSBA’s) Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) announces two recipients of the 2014 Benjamin Elijah Mays Lifetime Achievement Award; Dr. Elizabeth Daniels, Portsmouth City Schools, Virginia, and Lock P. Beachum, Sr. of Youngstown City School District, Ohio.

“On behalf of NSBA, I congratulate Lock P. Beachum, Sr. and the family of Elizabeth Daniels. These two distinguished individuals have made a difference through their lasting contributions and service to their schools, school boards, and their communities,” said Thomas J. Gentzel, Executive Director, NSBA.

“CUBE is happy to celebrate and honor the achievements of our winners and their dedication to equity and excellence in education,” said Van Henri White, CUBE Steering Committee Chair, and President of the Rochester New York School Board.

Before her passing in April 2014, Daniels served on her local school board for 17 years, most recently as Portsmouth City Schools Board Vice-Chairman. Daniels, a former middle and high school teacher was also a member of the CUBE Steering Committee. In addition to her commitments in education, Daniels was a medicinal chemist and general dentist.

“A dedicated advocate for children’s education, Dr. Daniels faithfully served on the Virginia School Boards Association’s (VSBA’s) Board of Directors, and as the President of VSBA. She will be missed for her contributions and commitment,” said Gina G. Patterson, Executive Director, Virginia School Boards Association.

“Lock P. Beachum, Sr. is the perfect candidate to receive and represent the Benjamin Elijah Mays Lifetime Achievement Award. He pursues excellence and commitment with every endeavor he undertakes and models a strong belief in the value of lifetime learning,” said Michael Murphy, Youngstown Board of Education Member.

Beachum served on his local school board for 16 years with two terms as president. He was also a chair of the CUBE steering committee, a director on the NSBA Board of Directors, and a director of the National League of Cities Board of Directors. Beachum also served as a Principal at both North and East High Schools in Youngstown City in addition to being very active in his community.

More information on CUBE, and past winners of the Benjamin Elijah Mays Lifetime Achievement Award is available here.

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