NSBA Urges Approval of FCC Proposal in Support of E-rate Program Modernization

In a press release, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) announced it applauds the efforts of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Wheeler to infuse $1.5 billion into the E-rate program, and is placing its support on-record in a letter to Chairman Wheeler in advance of a December 11 Open Meeting in which a second FCC Report and Order on modernizing the E-rate program will undergo consideration.

“We fully support FCC Chairman Wheeler in his timely and important action to increase our nation’s investment in the E-rate program,” said Thomas J. Gentzel, executive director, National School Boards Association (NSBA). “It is essential that America’s public schoolchildren gain the high-speed Internet access required to inform and support 21st century teaching and learning.” 


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