NSBA Statement in response to Senate action on proposed tax reform

NSBA Executive Director & CEO Thomas J. Gentzel today released the following statement in response to Senate action related to President Trump’s proposed tax reform:

“NSBA is deeply troubled by the U.S. Senate’s version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Tax reform should cultivate state and local investments and innovation, not impede them. In rushing to pass legislation, lawmakers are presenting Americans with a potential tax structure that offers tax breaks and benefits for the few at the price of supporting state and local efforts to invest in vital areas including education.

“While it’s unclear, the full extent of the impact the proposed changes will have on local decision making and resources available for public services, the threat it poses to students, parents and communities is very real. Limiting the current State and Local Tax deduction and providing tax-advantages for private school tuition accounts are misguided efforts and a significant step in the wrong direction.

“Districts already operate with limited resources to provide students with educational and other necessary support. Too many neighborhood schools struggle to balance diverse, growing populations with recessionary levels of funding. School infrastructure, teacher training, curriculum, transportation, health services, counseling, public and student safety measures and other vital services, which are all funded by state and local taxes, are placed at risk by these proposed changes in federal tax law.

“NSBA urges Congress to put students, parents, and communities first as the House and Senate bills move to conference. NSBA opposes any tax proposal that negatively impacts local decision makers’ ability to govern and operate in the best interests of our country’s students and the American taxpayer. To do anything less would be irresponsible and a reckless disinvestment in students and their future.”

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