New President * New Congress * New Challenges - Advocacy Institute 2017

President-elect Trump's unanticipated win has left K-12 education peering into the political unknown.  And, with a single party poised to control both houses of Congress, plus a new Supreme Court appointment on the horizon, the impact to public schools could be unprecedented. Now more than ever, you can benefit from key insights into Washington’s new education agenda from people who are shaping it.

Join us at Advocacy Institute 2017 to learn what it all means. From a pro-voucher Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos to the new administration’s stance on executive authority, federal overreach and more, this is one Advocacy Institute you cannot afford to miss!

Attend Advocacy Institute and participate in this once-in-a-lifetime sea change in American politics – help shape key issues, gain insights in the President-elect Trump’s agenda, and strengthen or build relationships with members of Congress.  Register Today!

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