Announcing the 2015 Technology Innovation Showcase winners

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) today announced the companies chosen to be profiled in its annual Technology Innovation Showcase.

“Emerging companies of note offer technology solutions that demonstrate a deep understanding of the challenges faced in K-12 education,” said Thomas J. Gentzel, NSBA’s Executive Director. “Our Technology Innovation Showcase was created to inspire school leaders to look beyond the familiar. The 2015 leaders selected reflect a new generation of entrepreneurs committed to helping students succeed.”

The 2015 NSBA Technology Innovation Showcase features six leading-edge companies:

  • Classcraft - This free online, educational role-playing game allows teachers and students to play together in the classroom. By playing, teachers don’t change what they teach, they supercharge how they teach it, while fostering real collaboration, getting students motivated and making managing classroom behavior effortless.
  • Educurious – This integrated solution captures the imagination and interests of students by linking project-based learning, technology, and connections to real-world experts to create meaningful learning experiences that cultivate contemporary skills. Professional development, project-based courses and The Educurious Expert Network™ are key elements to cultivate college- and career-ready students.
  • New Classrooms Innovation Partners – This nonprofit designs and implements innovative, personalized instructional school models that reimagine the use of time, talent, technology, and physical space. The flagship model, Teach to One: Math, grew out of a New York City pilot program, School of One, that integrates teacher-led, collaborative, and independent instruction to enable students to learn and apply acquired skills in real-world contexts.
  • NumberShire – Researchers from the University of Oregon's Center on Teaching and Learning partnered with veteran game designers to create a K-2 whole number math intervention set in a whimsical Renaissance kingdom. NumberShire has received federal funding and in a randomized controlled trial, first-grade students in a NumberShire treatment group performed better than students in the control on a math assessment designed to measure learning in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
  • RobotsLAB – With a goal to make STEM teaching fun and engaging for teachers and students, this all-in-one tailored solution features the best robots; a standards-aligned STEM curriculum; and a tablet that allows teachers to control the robots, running exercises and lessons in the palm of their hand without any prior robotics experience.
  • TeacherMatch – Believing teachers matter most, the company offers a data-driven, people-powered formula for success in K-12 education talent management to positively impact hiring and onboarding processes based on predictive analytics and research with the goal of placing more effective, high-quality teachers in all classrooms.

Read more about the Technology Innovation Showcase in today's press release.

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