Five ways to start your Makerspace

June, 2015

Makerspaces ideas often come from teachers or media specialists. It doesn’t work as well if it’s a top-down edict. But school leaders can take steps to create such spaces as well. Here are five tips to get started, courtesy of Dale Dougherty, editor of June, 2015 MAKE magazine.

  1. Start small, and engage the community to donate tools and supplies as well as getting them involved as mentors, and begin to schedule student time for skill-building sessions and project-related activities. (
  2. Develop interdisciplinary programs that integrate curricular goals and student-centered making projects.
  3. Use summer camp as a Maker Camp especially for middle school students to engage them in making, which can be fun and social. Encourage students to develop technical skills as well as creative goals for their projects, which should be built around student interests. (
  4. Celebrate student projects with a district or school Maker Faire. Students do "show and tell" to demonstrate and talk about their projects. Invite participation by parents as well, and talk about how they can support making at home. (
  5. Develop a community of practice among educators to share ideas and projects as well as provide opportunities for training of new teachers. This might start as monthly meetups at a local makerspace.
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