ASBJ - December 2015

December 2015

Comeback Season

Last year, a hazing scandal rocked the Sayreville, New Jersey, high school football team. The repercussions of the incident continue to reverberate through the school district and the community. In this issue’s cover story, “Comeback Season,” author Glenn Cook looks at how the district is healing and moving forward a year later.

Articles on student health and wellness also are featured. In “Fitness Revolution,” staff writer Michelle Healy explores the innovative ways that schools work exercise and fitness into the school day. In “To Test or Not to Test,” a Wyoming school district and its community grapple with the decision of whether or not to institute a drug testing program in the high school. Our Public Advocacy columnist Dan Kaufman provides tips on how school boards can prepare their constituents and communities for the inevitable drop in scores that will come with the new Common Core assessments, in “Common Core Messages.”

On the Cover

Comeback Season
Glenn Cook
A New Jersey school district and community recover from a hazing scandal.

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Fighting the Good Fight
Del Stover
School board members acting as positive and outspoken advocates are joining to make powerful changes in state and federal arenas.

Fitness Revolution
Michelle Healy
Districts find innovative ways to work exercise into the school day.

It Takes a Village
Mark D. Benigni and Louis Bronk
A Connecticut district embraces community schools, bringing in outside partners to help students and their families.

To Test or Not to Test
Dan Espeland with Audrey Kleinsasser
A Wyoming school district and community confront the drug testing dilemma.


Kathleen Vail, Thomas J. Gentzel,
John Tuttle

Electronic School
Public Advocacy
Seeking Counsel

Explore the latest education trends.

Q&A: Charlene Burgeson of Let's Move!
Adolescent health expert Charlene Burgeson, executive director of Let's Move! answers questions about the program.

Urban Advocate
The latest from the Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE).

Online Only Articles

Less Than Zero
Powers Thaddeus “Teddy” Norrell
Should schools rethink the practice of giving zeros to unfinished work?

Wanted: New Teachers
Terry McDaniel
Why teaching is no longer a desired profession.

Teacher Diversity Efforts in Boston
Michelle Healy
Boston Public Schools identifies and offers “letters of reasonable assurance” of future employment to promising black applicants and students about to graduate from a teachers college.

Profound Gentlemen
Michelle Healy
Finding minority male teachers.

Advice for public advocate newbies
Del Stover
Lessons for school board members who want to speak out on public policy.


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