We Recruit Students: A Case Study for Public Schools 

Traditional public schools are falling short on students. Gone are the days when public schools could sit back and wait for students to show up on the first day of class. Over the last 10 years, enrollment in charter schools has tripled. In this era of school choice, educators have to become proactive marketers to recruit, retain, and reclaim students for their public school. It's time for public schools to compete. 

Caissa Public Strategy recognizes that the best way to achieve its mission of recruiting students for public schools is to build relationships with the families. This strategy means we engage directly and communicate effectively with parents and students about school recruitment. Our ultimate goal is to boost your recruitment numbers and bring money back to your school. 

Our mission is centered around three main tactics: recruit new students, retain your current students, and reclaim students who have left. We executed our strategy with Shelby County’s School District to create campaign style messaging and apply grassroots outreach tactics to engage local families and increase school enrollment. 

Our Execution 

Caissa conducted extensive research on the school district, current families, and prospective families to understand the perceptions and priorities present within the school district. Based on the findings, we crafted compelling messaging, communicated proactively in the community, and launched a ground team to interact directly with these families. 

Within the Shelby County School district, we visited schools, homes, and events where students and their families gathered to implement recruiting strategies. We utilized phone calls, door to door visits, drop-off lines, school events, and charter school fairs to get our message to the families. In addition, Caissa leveraged community supporters and turned them into leaders and advocates for the school district. 

“Our competitive advantage is the ability of our team to communicate effectively with your target audiences,” explained Adrian Bond, Director of Community Outreach. “It’s not just knowing where there are school-aged children in the district, but it’s knowing how to communicate to get them committed.”

Parent Engagement 

Our research and experience in student recruitment have shown us that the most influential tool in student recruitment is parent engagement. 

“Their staff is very professional and knowledgeable and made our choice of transferring our child back to the district easier,” said Z. Flake, a current Shelby County School parent. 

Our Results 

Through target identification and grassroots engagement, Caissa recruited 2,446 students to the Shelby County School district from 2016-2018. In just two years, approximately 4,000 students were either recruited or retained within the district.   

Shelby County Schools Board Member, Kevin Woods shared, “With two years of consecutive 1,000+ new students to the district, we couldn’t be more impressed.”

More students mean more staff and resources that can help schools build attractive and thriving programs. If you are interested in learning more, please email Adrian Bond at or call 901.522.1030.

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