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The 2017 Magna Awards

RIP No Child Left Behind. The era of high-stakes testing ended with the passage of the Every Student Achieves Act (ESSA). In our cover story, “The Future of Testing,” Senior Editor Del Stover looks at what’s next in testing and assessment. After years of chaffing under the sometimes-draconian requirements of NCLB, states and districts now have some flexibility to create their own accountability plans, and even include nonacademic elements.

On the Cover

The Future of Testing
Del Stover
The era of high-stakes testing is over, but what comes next?


Understanding the Test
W. James Popham
Assessment literacy is important, but it may not be enough

A Modest Proposal
D.H. Treichler
The world is changing; so should our schools

Next Gen Trailblazers
Ann Lee Flynn
‘20 to Watch’ emerging leaders embrace adding arts to STEM

TECHNOLOGY Dreams Fulfilled
Ann Lee Flynn
Tech Innovation Showcase companies deliver on ‘what ifs’


Kathleen Vail, Thomas J. Gentzel

Public Advocacy
Electronic School
Seeking Counsel

Explore the latest education trends.

Q&A: Curbing the 'Summer side'

Online Only Articles

What’s Your Mission?
Denise Schares
Mission statements answer the question, “why do we exist?”

Getting The Best Principal
Robert L. Zorn
A principal has a pivotal role in the success of any school.

The Thinking Classroom
Carrie DeWaters
Differentiated or personalized instruction is a common practice in many schools.

Bringing the Standards to Life
Denise Schares
Reflections and conversations for school board members and administrative teams.

The Truth About Teacher Evaluation
Kim Marshall
Evaluating teachers can be a powerful tool—if done right.

Rethinking School Evacuations
Charles Maranzano
Do bomb threats warrant building evacuations of students and staff?


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