From the Editor: Senior editor extraordinaire

A couple of months ago, Del Stover appeared at my office door and delivered the news I had long dreaded hearing: He was retiring.

Del’s words have graced the pages of NSBA publications for 32 years, most recently as senior editor of American School Board Journal and as the lead editor of the Urban Advocate section of the magazine.

Del is a talented writer. As with most great journalists, his curiosity about how things work drove his reporting. He could take on complex subjects and break them down into compelling and readable stories. He could navigate potentially sensitive topics with ease. One of my favorites is “Summer of Fate,” in which he wrote about the legacy of the 1967 race riots on Detroit and other urban schools. 

It would be impossible for me to list all of Del’s award-winning work, but two more stand out to me. Del returned to his hometown of Holly Springs, Mississippi, to report on how the school district’s poor performance was impacting the town’s economy and business future in “The Vicious Circle.” He researched and wrote about the private money supporting charter schools and school choice programs in “Money Talks.” 

The greatest joy of working with Del was his unflappable, good-humored nature in the face of any challenge or crisis. He worked tirelessly and without complaint. I could give him any topic, large or small, and I knew that he would deliver.

I can’t begrudge Del this well-earned next chapter in his life. But he will be missed, in these pages, in the Association, by his colleagues, and by me. 

Until our next issue. . . 

—Kathleen Vail, Editor-in-Chief,


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