U.S. Army’s Free Online Academic Readiness Program, March2Success, Rolls Out New Features

As students prepare for the next step in their academic careers, they need the right resources easily available so they can succeed. The U.S. Army invests in education and wants to help students reach their higher education goals – no matter if they choose a military or civilian path.

That’s why the Army provides a free online study program called March2Success to help students prepare for standardized tests, improve school work and have easy access to materials. It also provides tools for educators and parents to track and encourage their students. And it’s not only for students who plan to join the Army. Everyone, over the age of 13, can use the site.

New Features

To make it even more useful, March2Success rolled out new features specific to those pursuing health care careers. The site now offers free full-length practice tests for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), the Dental Admissions Test (DAT), and several different nursing tests. The MCAT and DAT preparation includes two full-length practice tests that can be timed or not timed to take at the student’s own pace. There are also several specific and general pre-admission nursing practice exams as well as practice exams for the PSB Registered Nursing School Aptitude Examination.

In addition to test prep, sleep, nutrition and physical fitness play an important role for students to do their best academically.  March2Success is also newly sharing Army health and wellness resources to improve the health and fitness of students, Soldiers and families. The Army's Performance Triad initiative focuses on creating and sustaining health behaviors of sleep, activity and nutrition. While the information is designed for Soldiers and families, it applies to anyone who wants to feel better, look better and just be healthier – including students and athletes!

College Readiness

March2Success not only includes test-prep tools, it also includes information to help students navigate the entire college application process. This includes admissions, financial aid and scholarship guides in addition to a college application and an acceptance planning guide. There are also test prep tools for college admissions exams. Students can access seven full-length practice tests for both the SAT and ACT as well as 25 decks of flashcards. Each section is timed and scored comparable to the real test. And each section can be reviewed to see the correct answers along with a detailed explanation of the problem.  Students can also review their scores to see the percentage, raw score and scaled score based on either the SAT or ACT scoring methods.

March2Success resources also extend to the classroom to help students maintain a high GPA. With March2Success, students have an at home e-learning curriculum to help with their high school courses. Students can access self-paced study programs in Math, English and Science, with a focus of materials for grades 8-12. The High School Math and Verbal Skills course as well as the College Readiness Online Course each start with a pre-assessment test, using the results to generate a custom learning path. The learning path includes interactive lessons, quizzes and additional practice tests. 

For Educators and Parents

If you are an educator, parent or mentor looking to help your students reach their education goals, March2Success provides a monitoring tool to allow you to check their progress. This tool allows you to see their login frequency and how many times they are accessing specific courses. It also provides information about test scores and lessons completed.

Test-prep classes and tutoring can be expensive and not easily available for everyone. March2Success is accessible for students no matter their financial status. Whether students are preparing for college, military or entering the civilian workforce, test scores can play an important role in their future. March2Success is a free, zero-obligation resource to help students ace the tests that shape their academic future.

Visit to access the U.S. Army’s free online study program.

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