Open Doors Youth Re-Engagement Program

Critical Care

Clover Park School District, Lakewood, Washington


The Open Doors Program offers students onsite or online options with personalized, flexible education plans. It provides an option for students who no longer feel they can make it through high school. Some are so far behind that they can’t imagine ever getting a diploma. Open Doors is not an alternative program. There are high academic standards and students meet state graduation requirements for a diploma. There is also a focus on postsecondary education options and careers. The onsite program is housed in one wing of Clover Park High School, one of the district’s two comprehensive high schools. Morning and afternoon sessions are offered for students to participate in blended learning, with highly qualified teachers supporting student learning using an online curriculum as well as face-to-face instruction options.

Students graduate from Clover Park School District’s Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program with a high school diploma. Students must complete Washington state graduation requirements for their cohort year as defined by the state board of education to earn their diploma.


The intense personalization of the program serves students whose learning needs may not have been met in a comprehensive high school for a variety of reasons. Through weekly success counseling, there is an intentional connection with students, and opportunities to fill gaps that become barriers to a student’s success are found. If a student is struggling, success counselors ask “Why?” Then, they ask again. They go deeper than the first answer to find what resources or services the student may need to be successful. Approximately 72 percent of district students and 66 percent of students in Open Doors qualify for free and reduced-priced meals.


Open Doors began in the 2015-16 school year. The average funded enrollment in the onsite program in 2015-16 was 99, with the low enrollment at 59 and high enrollment at 140. For the 2016-17 school year, the average funded enrollment was 151. Current funded enrollment is 138 students.

A total of 69 students have graduated from the program since it was established. In 2015-16, 20 students graduated from the onsite program. In January 2017, 14 students graduated from the onsite program. As of June 2017, 35 students graduated, resulting in a total of 49 graduates during the 2016-17 school year.


Director of Community Relations
Kim Prentice

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