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The 2017 Magna Awards

The 2017 Magna Awards are here. Learn all about this year’s crop of award-winning programs in districts lead by bold and visionary leaders in our cover story, “The Innovation Factor.” This year’s grand prize winning districts are providing opportunities for their most vulnerable students, cultivating a culture of kindness, respect and achievement districtwide, and removing barriers to achievement for students with disadvantages, with all the support of their school leaders.

On the Cover

The Innovation Factor
Kathleen Vail
The 2017 Magna award winners discover new and different ways to help their students and community.


Steven D. Hooker and Michael W. Kessinger
Boards can take steps to encourage diversity among school leaders.

Equity in the Burbs
Deirdra Preis
A high-performing district systemically eliminates its achievement gap.

Front Seat to History
Michelle Healy
Social and political changes in the past 50 years have transformed school law.

More than Reality
Jim Wasserman with David Loveland
Popular in the computer gaming world, augmented reality can be a powerful teaching tool.


Kathleen Vail, Thomas J. Gentzel, Miranda Beard

Public Advocacy
Electronic School
Seeking Counsel

Explore the latest education trends.

Q&A: Mattering with Angela Maiers

Online Only Articles

School Boards as Stewards
George A. Goens
School board members are stewards of the principles of public education.

Educating the Class of 2030
Chris Colwell

Recycling Surplus Schools
Ryan Gever
Putting old buildings to use once again.

Bringing the Standards to Life
Denise Schares
Reflections and conversations for school board members and administrative teams.

The Truth About Teacher Evaluation
Kim Marshall
Evaluating teachers can be a powerful tool—if done right.

Rethinking School Evacuations
Charles Maranzano
Do bomb threats warrant building evacuations of students and staff?


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