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ESSA Implementation

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Even More Benefits You Already Receive

And while you’re here, take a moment to explore the National Connection HUB and check out some of the additional benefits of being a National Connection district with NSBA.

Trouble logging in?  Usually the “reset my password” link works well, but if you have any problems, just send a quick email to Entoria Nicely at NSBA who will look up your record and make sure you can start accessing all of your National Connection benefits

Update Your District Roster

Board Secretaries: If you haven’t updated your board roster in a while, your board members may be missing out on valuable benefits like access to the National Connection HUB and our very popular, National Connection Daily.  If you have been designated as the Board Secretary in our system, you have the ability to update all of the records in your district. 

Click on “My Account” at the top of this page, and once you are logged in, click on “My Organization Information.” If you are designated as the person responsible for updating the information for your district, you will see a full list of participants from your district.  If not, you will see “access denied.” If you have any questions about this, or need any assistance, Entoria Nicely is always happy to help.

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