Improving Urban Schools: Equity and Access in K-12 STEM Education for All Students

Friday, July 18, 2014
CUBE Conference Presentations

The rate of technological innovation and change has been tremendous over the past 10 years, and this rapid increase will only continue. STEM literacy is the power to “identify, apply, and integrate concepts from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to understand complex problems and to innovate to solve them” (Washington state STEM, 2011, Internet). In order for U.S. students to be forefront of this revolution, ALL of our schools need to be part of the STEM vision and guide students in acquiring STEM literacy. This clinic will address the challenges of achieving STEM literacy for ALL students as well as what PK-12 schools need to do to improve teachers’ and students’ STEM knowledge and skills.

Presenter: Jeffery McClellan, Principal, MC2 STEM High School, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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