49th CUBE Annual Conference - Program (Agenda)

For a digital copy of the Program Book, which includes the Agenda, please click here.

    CUBE 49th Annual Conference Handouts:

  • Educational Opportunities & Disparities That Impact Academic Success for All Students – Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig – Presentation
  • Addressing the Challenges for Girls of Color – Dr. Marlene Carson & David Mahan – Presentation
  • The Intersection of Technology & Equity: Addressing the New Digital Divide – Dr. Ann Flynn, Dr. Sylvia Diaz, Deborah Karcher – Presentation
  • Black lives Matter! Dreamers! And Others: How School Boards can Support Student’s Political Protests – Joseph Worthy – Presentation
  • Putting in the Work: From the Superintendent’s View of Working with the Board of Education – Dr. Jessica Huizenga and Thomas Parker – Presentation
  • Legislation, Litigation, Agitation – Mark Rosenbaum – Presentation
  • Re-Segregation: Is it Happening in Your District? – Kimberly Quick – Presentation
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