High School Performance Groups

Nomination Period Now Closed.


Three high school musical groups are invited to perform at the NSBA conference each year.  General guidelines for selection are as follows:

  • Performing groups must represent a public school or group of public schools and have school board approval to represent their district.  The School District must be in good standing with their state association.  If the School District is not in good standing with their state association, then the school will be disqualified from the judging process.
  • The total size of the group may not exceed the following: Jazz Groups – 12 students, Choirs – 25 students, Show Choir – 20 students, Big Band – 20 students, Orchestra – 20 students, and Mariachi Groups – 15 students (including instrumentalists, singers, dancers, accompanists, etc.).
  • General Session Performance Times are strictly held to 15 minutes.
  • The focus of this performance is on students; groups will be limited to one adult accompanist for performance.
  • NSBA’s General Session is inclusive and respectful of all attendee backgrounds and respectfully request that the performing group refrain from religious based performances.
  • Audition performance should be a video of two songs and limited to no more than 10 minutes’ total.
  • NSBA provides two nights of complimentary housing for the students in the group and for two or three accompanying adults who will be expected to assume responsibility for the safety and deportment of the group.
  • Transportation and meal costs are the responsibility of the respective school boards.





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