Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive from exhibitors. If you can’t find the information you need below, please contact Susan Clubb at 703-838-6167 or

Current contracted exhibitors may log in to the Exhibitor Portal for the most up-to-date information on services and ordering options throughout the conference cycle.

Where can I find my login information to the Exhibitor Portal?

If you’re a confirmed exhibitor, your login credentials were sent to you via email in your booth confirmation. If you have trouble locating the information, please contact us.

Who attends the conference?

The NSBA Annual Conference attracts 5,000 school board members and superintendents from across the country. For more detailed profiles, please click here.

Will there be opportunities for exhibitors to speak and give presentations?

For further questions about presenting at next year’s conference, please contact Mary McKee at 703-838-6760 or The process beings each April and ends June 1.

Does carpeting/furniture/electric come with my booth? How do I order additional furnishings?

No, unless you are in one of our start-up areas (Cutting Edge AveNEW or Technology Showcase Pavilion). Your booth consists of pipe and drape surrounding an area of cement, plus a company ID sign. Please see #8 in NSBA’s Rules & Regulations.

Furnishings and services can be purchased through Freeman’s Exhibitor Services Manual which includes detailed information on exhibitor activities, important expo guidelines, shipping, utilities and special services, and other exposition logistics. All contracted exhibitors have access to the Exhibitor Services Manual online through the Exhibitor Portal, available January 2018.

Freeman, the official general services decorator and drayage contractor for the expo, will maintain a service desk in the expo hall during installation, expo hours, and dismantling. You may also bring carpet and furniture if you prefer.

Are there any restrictions on what I can include in my booth?

The answer to this question depends on your booth size and configuration. Please consult #8 in the NSBA rules and regulations for more information.

Helium balloons are not permitted. Please refer to the expo rules and regulations for a detailed description of the rules, regulations, and liabilities governing the NSBA Exhibition. You must maintain a low profile (under three feet) within five feet of the aisle

If you have any questions about your booth design or approvals you think you will need to ensure successful booth installation onsite, please contact Exhibit Management.

Can I get a high-res NSBA Logo for use on my collateral and signage?

NSBA is happy to provide its logos to corporate members, sponsors, and exhibitors. Use of the logo requires strict guidance of NSBA brand guidelines set for the logo being used. For conference logo, corporate member logo, and/or a sponsor logo please contact John Cesaretti at

Do you have booth spaces that are smaller than 10x10?

We do not offer booth spaces smaller than 10x10. If you wish to increase the size of your booth, please contact Exhibit Management with your request. Booth pricing is based on 10x10 increments.

Are there discounts available for nonprofit organizations?

The exhibit space pricing structure is the same for every company, regardless of tax status or affiliation.

Can I sell product at the conference?

Cash sales are not permitted. #11A in the Rules and Regulations state: Exhibitors may show, discuss, explain and demonstrate items or services, but may not make cash sales that result in the exchange of merchandise and/or money in the exhibit hall. Attendees may fill out an order form (credit cards may not be processed on site) and have the products shipped, but they may not take the ordered item off the show floor. It must be delivered to their home or office. The only exception to this policy applies to exhibitors who purchase space within the Marketplace (a specially designated area where cash or credit card sales may take place).

How can I get an invoice or a W-9 form?

ContactJohn Cesaretti at

How can I pay my account balance? Can I pay by credit card over the phone?

You can make a credit card payment at any time by logging into the Exhibitor Portal and selecting “manage my account”. You may also pay by check. Make checks payable to NSBA and send to:

PO BOX 1807 Merrifield, VA 22116

How can I update my company name, company contact, email address, etc., for exhibit logistics purposes?

You can update your company’s contact information, organization description or product/service categories through the Exhibitor Portal under “Manager your profile”.

Changes to your company name must be submitted in an email to Exhibit Management.

How do I register my booth staff and how many badges do I receive?

Each exhibiting organization receives five complimentary booth staff (exhibitor) badges per 10x10 booth space reserved. Badges beyond this complimentary limit will be assessed a fee of $75 per badge.

NSBA Booth staff (exhibitor) badges give exhibitors full access to sessions, workshops, and General Session. At least one booth personnel should remain in the booth during exhibit hall hours.

Can exhibitors attend sessions or other conference events?


May exhibitors have access to the list of attendees?

Yes, for a fee, exhibitors may have access to three separate lists:

2018 Post-Show List – rents for $450 and can be sent as soon as ordered

2019 Pre-Show List – rents for $450 and is pulled 30 days before the conference

2019 Post-Show List – rents for $450 and is pulled three weeks AFTER the conference

These lists come in Excel and include: Name, Title, School District/Organization, Snail Mail, E-MAIL, Fax, and District Size. It does NOT include Phone Number.

The lists MUST NOT be dumped into your database. It may only be used one time (either faxing, snail mailing, OR emailing the attendee). The lists are strictly monitored for abuse.

We allow our attendees from opting out of being included on this list and about 800 do so each year.

What does it cost to exhibit?

An inline booth rents for $1900 and a corner booth rents for $2200. Multiple sizes are multiples of these prices. Five registrations that give full access to all the sessions are included in each 10x10. (We also have special rates for Start-Up Companies - contact Susan Clubb at for more info.)


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