School Safety and Security Sessions

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Pre-Conference No. 22: Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness:  Managing School Safety Best Practices in the Schoolhouse, Courthouse, and Court of Public Opinion
Friday, April 6 - 9:00 AM
Seperate Registration is Required.

BoardDocs Cybersecurity Update -The Level of Risk for Your District

Current Legal Issues in School Technology:  A Look at the Tech Trends that are Causing Liability, Invading Privacy, Threatening Security, and Putting eRate Funding at Risk in Schools Across the Nation and How Schools Can Avoid Them

School Security and Emergency Preparedness: Managing School Safety Perceptions and Communications with Parents and the Media

Cybersecurity for Board Members: What You Need to Know Before It's Too Late
Hosted by NSBA's Technology Leadership Network

Effective Responses to Student Mental Health Issues

Trauma-Informed Systems in Schools: How to Support Black Students Through Mental Health
Session Sponsored by the National Black Council of School Board Members

Closing the Gap: K-12 Curricula and Resources for Cybersecurity Education

Everyday Social Emotional Leaning in the School: Integrating SEL and Mindfulness into Your Schools

Navigating Student Walkouts and Mass Protests

Plan, Prepare, Practice: Be Ready for the Unexpected Crisis

Leading School Security Improvement in Your School Community
Hosted by Lifetouch

Under Attack: Practical Approaches to Address Cybersecurity
Hosted by NSBA's Technology Leadership Network



Strategies to Protect Your District's Confidential Data and Pass Your Audit with Flying Colors

Arming  Schools with a One-Button Lockdown Solution: How Many Seconds Does it Take to Lockdown Your Schools?

Are Your Schools Truly Safe? Ask These Questions to Find Out.

Safe & Secure Schools, Not Bunkers

Finding Efficiencies and Maximizing Safety

School Safety Best Practices Saves Lives

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