Master Class

Change leaders in education share how innovative approaches and unique leadership styles can improve student achievement.

*As of September 17, 2018. Check back often as we add more sessions!


Master Class: Disrupting Poverty: Where to Start… What to Stop
10:30 AM

Recent case studies from high-poverty, high-performing schools, supported by over three decades of research, provide compelling insight into what it takes to turn a high-poverty school around. This session will highlight the Author's recent best-selling ASCD books, Disrupting Poverty, and Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools to focus on specific practices and strategies that Boards can support to provide an essential foundation for success in any under-performing school and district. Through gaining an enhanced understanding of how high-poverty, high-performing schools achieve success, board members and district leaders will identify needed action steps to best support and lead their districts, schools, and students to high achievement and success.

Master Class: The Art of Teaching
3:45 PM
Teaching is one of the world's most complex crafts. How do great teachers reach the reluctant, capitalize on student capacities, and maximize learning? In this session, Mandy Manning, 2018 National Teacher of the Year, will explore a range of strategies from the cultivation of one's particular teaching persona, to developing structures for continuous professional growth, and lessons learned from the classroom. From strategies that can be applied in the classroom tomorrow, to driving questions that will ruminate in the minds for months, come to share in a rich discussion of the art of teaching.

Master Class: School Board/Superintendent Relations
3:45 PM
An effective school board/superintendent team is essential to a school system's success. Come hear an informative session between Executive Directors of the National School Board Association and AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and how the two organizations work together to accomplish common goals.




Resilience Can Be Taught: 4 Keys to Unleashing Resilience
8:30 AM
Resilience is something we're all born with. Learn about vital skills of resilience and 3 keys to creating a resilient climate. This engaging presentation will empower you to deliver these skills to students of any background and learning style, enabling them to thrive not only in school, but in life.

The Secret Life of Teens: Influencing the Next Generation
1:30 PM
Perhaps the most in-depth research project America's education sector has ever seen, Shane Feldman recently completed a 2-year study that sent him into high schools, undercover as a student, to uncover the universal struggles facing today's teens. Shane's stories will help education leaders gain new insight into the hidden social and psychological worlds of today's youth. Shane's findings will ignite honest conversations about the problems facing today's teens and outline effective steps educators can take to better support their students.

Master Class: Equity Solutions
1:30 PM
Find out how other districts are tackling equity challenges with their students and communities. The 2019 Magna Grand Prize-winning districts -- Coatesville Area School District, Des Moines Public Schools,  and Winchester Public Schools -- discuss how their exemplary programs remove barriers for underserved children. 

Creating Contagious Cultures: The Happiness Advantage in Education
3:45 PM
Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. From leading research in the field, we know that a positive engaged brain provides the greatest competitive advantage in the 21st century in the office, and in our schools. This happiness advantage includes higher engagement levels, increased levels of optimism and well-being, greater productivity and reduced levels of stress. Best yet, happiness is contagious. As leaders, educators and collaborators, we all play a critical role in defining culture and creating the  environment necessary to promote happiness and well-being...the precursors to sustainable  performance in education. Based on Harvard positive psychology expert Shawn Achor's best-selling book The Happiness Advantage, in this masterclass you will learn how the latest research on positive psychology in education can be applied to the benefit of your district. You will discover new ways in which you can achieve greater happiness for yourself, as well as realize your potential to impact others. You will leave with the mindset and skillset to create positive change around you, enhancing your own well-being and that of others.

Key take-aways:

  • Explore the 7 principles of positive psychology that fuel success and performance in education
  • Understand the behavior changes necessary to “spark” staff and faculty engagement
  • Learn core leadership and execution strategies for creating and sustaining a positive culture
  • Obtain information on the latest research regarding "Positivity in Education." 
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