Center for Safe Schools

The NSBA Center for Safe Schools provides district leaders, students, parents and the community information and content resources on the myriad of issues that impact school safety. 

Access information and content resources focused on:

  • Whole Child – provide information that address a child’s physical, mental, emotional, and overall wellbeing for success in academics, life and career.
  • Physical Infrastructure – provide information regarding target hardening and mitigation of buildings and facilities against attacks and other potential threats (cameras, doors, classroom design, playgrounds, etc.).
  • Environmental Factors – provide information related to home, community and school that influence access and opportunities which may impact a child’s safety (early-childhood education, nutrition, pollution, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness).
  • Cyber Health – provide information that promote positive engagement of students, families and community in the cyber domain (bullying, sexting, trafficking, and other predatory practices within the online community).
  • Crisis and Emergency Management – provide information that identifies essential policies and procedures for prevention and management of critical events and emergencies.


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