Our Position on Special Education and IDEA

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Montgomery County Public Schools/Bill Mills:

NSBA Emphasizes Improved Education Outcomes for Students with Disabilities

NSBA takes a strategic approach with a strong emphasis on improved education outcomes for students with disabilities. in preparation for the next IDEA reauthorization, NSBA will:

  • Support legislation that recognizes the authority of local school boards.
  • Oppose unnecessary, burdensome, and costly reporting and data collection requirements related to IDEA reauthorization or other related bills.
  • Engage our state associations in providing opportunities for local school boards to identify issues of concern and offer recommendations for modifications to the current law.
  • Engage the COSA IDEA Working Group to fully engage interested school attorneys in identifying potential issues, recommending modifications to the current law, and developing proposed legislative language.
  • Participate in national coalitions to address issues of mutual interest such as the National Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Task Force, the National Coalition on Personnel Shortages in Special Education and Related Services, and other education and disability associations.
  • Conduct focus groups and surveys to identify additional issues of concern related to school district and school-level operations.
  • Collaborate with other major stakeholders concerned with ensuring valid and reliable assessments for students with disabilities.
  • Promote the priorities of local school board members across the nation to members of Congress and the Administration.

What You Can Do

  1. Write a letter to your Representative and Senators. Recruit at least two other school board members to do the same. Use NSBA’s Legislative Action Center to find your elected officials by zip code.
  2. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper outlining the details for IDEA reauthorization and why it’s important to your local schools. 
  3. Encourage your local school board members to call Congress and ask them to make IDEA reauthorization a priority. Here’s how to contact your Representatives and Senators.
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